FinTech X Diversity

FutureBanking is a platform for the innovation and growth of businesses run by or for under-represented groups. We support a diverse talent pipeline, bringing the talent together with businesses run by or for minorities, and helping the businesses grow by accessing funding and upskilling. We create the ultimate conditions which bring together a diverse group to accelerate forward-thinking topics on the future financial ecosystem, whether it's & ESG, the skills gap, or the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our agenda is tailored to embrace, represent, and celebrate all people and of all cultures. We support our community through up-skilling, discussions on current challenges, as-well-as specific game-changing opportunities facing the next generation of women and men in FinTech.

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2020 Women in Blockchain Webinar: How Blockchain is Changing the World

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2019 Conference Highlights

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Funding for Diverse Founders

Join us as we explore the start-up funding landscape for minorities, and discuss not just the challenges they...

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Impacting Inequality

What companies can do to turn words into action? Come join us as we explore challenges and complexities they...

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2019 FutureBanking Conference Headliners

2019 Conference Speakers

2020 Meet-up Speakers

Top Stories

2020 Calendar

We have a number of exciting events planned for 2020 with tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from London, across the...

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The inaugural FutureBanking Conference 2019 – Opening speech

Speech from Kwasi Affum at the inaugural FutureBanking Conference   I am very grateful to Barclays for allowing this unique...

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The team

Find out more about the team of volunteers behind Futurebanking Kwasi Affum, Founder Kwasi is Vice President of Impact Assessment...

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FutureBanking Conference 2020

2nd November @ Barclays Global HQ

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