9 February 2020

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9 February 2020

Opening Remarks from Kwasi Affum & Abib Bocresion

How do we build a better bank? How do we build a better more inclusive financial system?

9 February 2020

Matt Hammerstein, Barclays UK CEO

Closing Remarks on why diversity is important to Barclays and the industry.

9 February 2020

Keynote: THE FINTECH BRIEF by Henry Whorwood, Head of Research & Consultancy at Beauhurst

An outline of investment into the FinTech sector over recent years including some of the top investors, recent investments and trends evident from such recent investments.

9 February 2020

Panel: FUTURE TRENDS IN FINANCE with Varun Paul, Tram-Anh Nhuyen, Lex Sokolin, & Dotun Rominiyi

Focusing on the sustainability of the financial sector, the panel will discuss areas innovating most rapidly.

9 February 2020

Panel: COMPETITION vs. COLLABORATION with Susan Falola, Ana Bofa, Claud Williams, & Kevin Sefton

Looking at what banks can learn from FinTechs, and other sectors, about collaboration in the age of Open Banking where new business models are challenging traditional models.

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2nd November @ Barclays Global HQ

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