Claud is the founder of Dream Nation and a multi-award winning creative and entrepreneurial individual with a wide range of experiences and skills. Whilst at college and university, he launched 4 businesses and had numerous creative projects, allowing him to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills. At Dream Nation, Clause and his team are building a personal development business fit for the 21st century.

He excels in strategy, coaching, and analytical tasks and is able to quickly learn new skills to flourish in challenging environments.

Claud has also holds various leadership, advisory, investor and governance roles in other organisations. This has led him to create events hosting over 400 people at a time, working with firms such as Google, LinkedIn, BT, Santander, Microsoft, The British Business Bank, and Deloitte as well as hiring and recruiting key staff members. Additionally, he has helped organisations (both non-profits and startup companies) to raise and/or manage over £1m in funding.

FutureBanking Conference 2020

2nd November @ Barclays Global HQ

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