Lavinia is a Blockchain & Crypto enthusiast and Financial Wellbeing coach.

She is the Founder of the Women in Blockchain Talks, a platform that aims to elevate women working, investing, and creating solutions on the blockchain. It’s also there to inspire, motivate, and encourage other women wanting to start a career in Blockchain and show them how they can get started in the industry and create a career for themselves. Women in Blockchain Talks introduces women to blockchain technology through networking and the social but intimate art of conversation.

Lavinia has a history of creating platforms and events around women’s empowerment and is a keen believer that Blockchain is the future of business and money and it is important that we all take our part in it.

“Blockchain is gender-neutral but society isn’t! So, through these monthly events, we hope to inject the industry with diversity and inclusion by shining a spotlight on a diverse range of ‘up and coming,’ as well as established, female leaders.”

As well as this, she is the founder of Butterfly Wealth Creation, a Holistic Financial Wellbeing and Money Mindfulness consultancy, where she promotes financial wellbeing and money mindfulness, so that clients can have a better relationship with their money.

FutureBanking Conference 2020

2nd November @ Barclays Global HQ

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