Yemi Jackson is a solutions-focused Senior Executive and dynamic leader with more than 20 years of success in finance, across retail, logistics, housing and education sectors. Yemi is now CEO and Founder of Engage Transform, a recruitment and talent developing company assisting organisations in increasing the diversity of talents they attract, developing these talents and optimising output.

A member of the Association of Chartered Management Accountants (ACMA) professional body with an Exec MBA from Warwick Business School. As a seasoned team leader and finance executive, Yemi has worked extensively with executive teams to optimise sustainable business solutions.

Areas of expertise include accounting, change management, performance management, business process improvement, and project management.

As a female BAME with children, she has first-hand experience of gender and race equality issues at senior management level in Finance departments of major corporations. Tenacious and relentless she refused to take a lower grade role as a working mother and rose in her professional career to Finance Director in a multi-national company. This wealth of life and professional experience has made Yemi a voice amongst Finance professionals, challenging them to transition from back to the front office working in partnership with the rest of the business to develop new ways to optimise solutions.

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2nd November @ Barclays Global HQ

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